The Homeopathic Pregnancy ~ Ottawa Birth Centre workshop

The Homeopathic Pregnancy

led By Piper Martin B.Ed., DS Hom.Med

Classical Homeopath



  • March 21st, 10-4 pm
  • Ottawa Birth Centre , 2260 Walkley Road
  • $200.00 – please register on-line @

Piper Martin has been practicing homeopathic medicine, attending births and educating midwives for the past 15 years.  She is capable of translating homeopathic information into recognizable, clinical, experience to support you in truly knowing how to use homeopathy in pregnancy, labour and postpartum care.  

You will receive:

Two E-Books – The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy and Birth Kit Essentials as well as her new illustrated workbook – The Homeopathic Pregnancy

We will cover ten remedies that will refresh your practice – their practical use during pregnancy, labour and postpartum. We will have time for specific questions and discovery of your own.

Register at – – upon receipt of your payment you will receive the confirmation of your place as well as two e-books to contemplate before the workshop.

If Back Labour is your thing….

heart back

Did you know that back labour – the babe in a posterior position – creates a longer, more painful labour? Perhaps you are only too well aware of this having endured a posterior birth.

Kali Carb 200C will ask the baby to turn.  This can be taken any time in later pregnancy (35 weeks onward), to induce labour (to create optimal pressure to dilate the cervix) or during labour.

Regular consultations with  a chiropractor that specializes in pregnancy is also an incredibly useful support to assist optimal fetal positioning.

You and the baby both are aware that there is a faster, easier way to descend and emerge – the remedy – kali carb 200C merely reminds you both of this knowing.  For more information on remedies to take during labour and postpartum please consult my e-book -

The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy, available at



Skype Inductions

Six years ago today.. me in labour with my youngest babe.

Six years ago today.. me in labour with my youngest babe.

Just wanting to spread the word that FREE homeopathic inductions can happen via Skype.  You simply book an appointment with me on my on-line booking system, write into the referral section that you would like to have a Skype induction and away we go.  My skype name is pipermartin68, add me as a contact and we can chat in the time you have arranged.  I have been doing inductions all over the world and it feels fantastic.  I want more, bring it on.    If you are the shy type and just want to work on this quietly on your own check out my e-book – The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy – full of info. on how to induce your own labour.  Available on my website –



Fire it UP! Dancing in and out of Early Labour……

Some suggestions to fire up a labor


Fireworks #1


  enough to keep you awake but not intense enough to really get the ball rolling?

MOVE – as much as you are able without exhausting yourself

GET NAKED – with your partner, get some love hormones flowing, massage, cuddle, shower, swim – engage with LOVE.




  • Pulsatilla 200C - this is the remedy when you are not really sure you want to do this….. it is a commitment remedy, helps you declare that you are going forward, having a baby, allowing this babe free passage…
  • Cimicifuga and Caulophyllum 15C – will make those contractions productive.  Take 2 pellets of each every 15min. for 1 hour.
  • Gelsemium 200C – if labor had been moving beautifully and then its as if you get stage fright – the midwives arrive, you go to the hospital, people are watching and expecting something from you and everything slows down.

Gelsemium will kick it back into action.


All health food stores will carry these homeopathic remedies.  They are safe for mothers and babes and will not cause a contraindication with any allopathic drugs during the birth experience.

For more specific information on homeopathic remedies for your birth please visit my website at and access my e-book:  A Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy


The Basics – Using Homeopathy to Induce Labour

Inductions are something I spend time doing every week in my practice.  Women wanting to avoid medical induction can use homeopathy to gently and safely nudge their bodies into action.  This is an aspect of care that I offer for FREE.  I do that because it is something I want to make accessible to all women and  because I feel so strongly about birth as an opportunity – going into labour on your own is just part of the MAGIC! I can be reached via skype, telephone or in person at my clinic.

Time Line

40 weeks – this is the point in which I will start working with a woman.  Trying to induce labour early is not an option as you cannot override your body with homeopathy.

41 weeks – this is an ideal time to start using remedies for induction.  Your body has had time to begin labour on its own and if there is something blocking you it usually starts to become quite clear as the days go by.

24 hours – this is the amount of time it takes a remedy to work for induction.  Within the 24 hour period you will start to notice signals from your body of labour – loose stool, cramping, contractions, rupture of membranes, bloody show etc.  It will be gentle and at the pace set by your body.

There are a wide variety of remedies that are used for induction.  The main reason women go overdue is NOT because their bodies are not  capable or knowing, it is because of FEAR.  All of the remedies I use for induction are to address specific fears.  So the way in to this process is to be able to identify what you are afraid of – during birth, postpartum, breastfeeding or motherhood.

Over these next few days I will create a portrait of several remedies I use for induction.  The great thing is that there are really central groups of specific fears women have which really narrows down the group of remedies to choose from.

For more specific information on using homeopathy for induction please visit my website –

I have two main resources for this topic available there – one is a podcast on Homeopathic Induction that I did for VoiceAmerica last summer.  The other is my e-book, The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy,  which is available for $20.00.  This outlines all the top induction remedies, remedies for morning sickness, postpartum remedies and remedies for babies and breastfeeding in the immediate postpartum.

Homeopathic Medicine v.s Fear and Anxiety!

Hi Piper!
It has been a few months since I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl….you gave me a remedy for fear and anxiety and I wanted to thank you so much!!!! I had the most empowering experience and I attribute it to your knowledge and insight. This will be our last baby and I was able to remain present and it was the most beautiful experience I have had to date. I just wanted to thank you so much…an angel you are Piper! Have a wonderful day!


If you are fearful and want to stay present for yourself and your baby – consider using homeopathy during your birth.

Remedies such as Aconite, Belladonna and Arsenicum are all brilliant ways to alleviate fear.  Reducing fear means a faster birth and a calmer baby.  Check out The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy available on my website — for more detailed information.

xo Piper

Cimicifuga and Caulophyllum – When and How to Use these Remedies

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  • Cimicifuga and Caulophyllum are best used in a 15C or 30C potency when contractions have already begun.
  • Use them to augment your labour.
  • Take two pellets of Cimic, let them dissolve.  Take two pellets of Caul. let them dissolve.
  • Wait 15 min.
  • Repeat
  • Do this every 15 min. until an hour has passed.  If they are going to work they will be working strongly within the hour.

Working means regular contractions that are productive, these remedies are especially good for women having contractions but their dilation is not changing.  The remedies will make the contractions productive.

For more specific information on how to use homeopathy during labour please check out – for two on-line e-books – The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy and Birth Kit Essentials.

Homeopathic Induction – Live Radio – July 7th – High Noon EST

Induction is one of the most searched for topics on this blog, women are constantly seeking ways to avoid medical induction and start labour naturally.  Homeopathic remedies are extremely effective in doing just this.  The right homeopathic remedy will initiate labour, just as if you had started labour on your own.  It is a gentle, non-invasive way to encourage your body to go into labour.  Supporting women who choose to use homeopathy instead of being medically induced is something I feel very strongly about.  I offer FREE homeopathic induction consultations to anyone who wants it – I have maintained that opportunity for women since I opened my practice 14 years ago and I will always make that service available.  I am currently hosting an on-line radio program on VoiceAmerica – Health and Wellness called The Whole Woman.  This upcoming week on July 7th I will be discussing homeopathic induction.  This show will be all about the mental/emotional states that women are in coming up to their due dates, remedies that I commonly use for induction and how to use homeopathy to induce labour.   You can subscribe to the podcast on i-Tunes by going onto my website – or search for The Whole Woman on i-Tunes.

Back Labour – Remedies to Shift a Posterior Baby

Pain in the back  during labour means that the baby is usually in a posterior position.  The baby’s back is facing your spine instead of facing out to the world.  While babies can be born “sunny side up” it does usually mean a longer, more painful birth experience.  When I am doing a homeopathic induction I do ask about the position of the baby because sometimes just encouraging a more anterior position will initiate labour.  If you are overdue and your baby is posterior then consider one of the remedies listed  below to get the ball rolling.

If the posterior presentation is not an issue until the labour is happening you can take a remedy to ask the baby to turn.  Babies do naturally tend to turn as they descend but it is faster and less painful if they can do this before the end of the birth.  Take just two pellets and within a few contractions the contractions will feel differently and the baby will move.

Here are some remedies to consider if you are experiencing back labour:

  • Kali Carb 200C – this is the primary remedy for back labour.  The woman wants counter pressure on the small of her back.  She can be very chilly and is quite irritable.
  • Gelsemium 200C – baby appears to ascend rather than descend with each contraction, heavy and listless during pushing, pains from uterus up the back with chills up the back
  • Coffea 200C – hypersensitivity to pain, despair from the pain, only pain experienced is in the small of her back

For more detailed information on using homeopathic remedies for back labour please visit my website – and access my on-line e-book – The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy.

Homeopathic Birth Protocols

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There are some homeopathic birth  protocols that are said to “prepare” women for labour.  This really makes no sense when you understand how homeopathy works.  In order to prescribe a remedy you first must have some signal from the body that the person needs a remedy.

The idea of these protocols is to prevent women from going postdates – from my experience women go postdates because of fear – not because there is an issue with how their body functions.  

If they are capable of getting pregnant and  carrying the baby to term then they are also capable of giving birth.  

Fear is the element that interferes with what they need to do to complete the cycle.  The remedies in the pregnancy protocols are usually Cimicifuga, Caulophyllum and Arnica.

These remedies all address the physical aspects of giving birth – if there were remedies that addressed fears in advance of the birth – that would be worthwhile.  I assume that every woman is healthy and capable of giving birth unless I have reason to believe otherwise.  I look at what can be holding someone back on a mental/emotional level (such as previous birth trauma, sexual abuse history, fear of pain, fear something is wrong with the baby etc. etc.) and I address that specific fear with a homeopathic remedy.

For more specific information on remedies for induction including remedy descriptions please visit my website – and access my on-line e-book – The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy.